Report a Hate Crime

The Importance of Reporting Hate Crimes

For the police to respond effectively to any crime, they must be notified immediately via 911 so that any injuries can be treated, witnesses can be interviewed, evidence can be collected and preserved, to increase the chance that suspect(s) will be arrested.

Unfortunately, victims of bias-motivated crimes are often fearful to report for a variety of reasons.  This can lead to a significant under-reporting and inaccurate statistics.  It also allows the suspects who committed these crimes to continue their behavior with other victims. The Seattle Police Department wants victims of hate crimes to feel comfortable reporting these incidents to the police.

Ways to Report

  • If the incident is happening now, or just happened, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • If the incident has already occurred, the immediate danger is over and there are no injuries, call (206) 625-5011.
  • Learn more about reporting hate crimes.