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SPD Safe Place is a safety initiative designed to assist the victims of hate/bias crime, student bullying and to encourage the reporting of these crimes.

This also helps young students who are frequently LGBTQ+ know what teachers or businesses are safe to approach and get help when they are bullied.

This program is FREE to join, you will be sent the sticker, training materials, and a flyer all for free.


Can I participate?

  • Public or Private: Elementary/Middle/High schools, Technical schools, College Campuses.
  • Business in close proximity to any school. (May have both REPORT HATE CRIMES and Report Student Bulling stickers, please email)
  • The decals should be placed at the front entrance of the school office.
  • Individual Teachers may also now join the Report Student Bulling program, they may request a sticker for their induvial classroom.  This denotes you and your classroom as a Safe Place to go if being bullied. Please be sure to utilize the School's address when signing up.

What are my responsibilities?

Although the SPD SAFE PLACE program is free and voluntary, it is important that you educate your staff regarding their responsibilities:

  • Call school security and 911 if a criminal bullying incident occurs. 
  • Allow the student to remain in the office/classroom or business until police arrive. 

School Policy Recommendations:

PRIOR to publicly announcing inclusion in the SPD SAFE PLACE initiative, School Should:

  • Update existing student bullying policies.
  • Establish clear school district protocol for educating all students, teachers, managers, and school district officials/employees regarding the policies relating to, definitions of, reporting of, documenting of, and the level of accountability and/or consequences surrounding students who engage in, or school district employees who fail to follow protocol and take appropriate action in regard to student bullying. 
  • Mandate the reporting of ANY allegation of student bullying, regardless if the district employee believes it meets the legal criteria of bullying. 
  • The district should assign one Student Bullying Liaison, who is familiar with the district's current bullying policies, reporting mandates, legal definitions & issues and/or precedent involving potential liability for the district.  
  • This Student Bullying Liaison will be responsible for receiving all cases within the district where allegations of student bullying arise and will be directly responsible to the Superintendent for ensuring that the student bullying reporting system is efficient, effective, legally defensible, understood by all, and enforced.
  • Once these new criteria are established, the SPD SAFE PLACE initiative will be an effective tool to help educate everyone on student bullying issues, assist in protecting the victims of student bullying, instill confidence in the students and/or potential victims.  This will help show that the school district's student bullying policies have legitimacy, substance, and a follow-through mechanism.