Data Analytics

We seek to improve service design and delivery through data science. Our approaches include:

Predictive modelling using machine learning: Where could we improve services by predicting outcomes? Or issues?

Experimental testing of marketing and other outreach: Where could our communications be refined to produce better uptake?

Impact analysis in complex systems: Where would measurement of different factors better enable us to act?

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Project Management

  • The role of project management is to ensure successful end-to-end project delivery through thoughtful planning, facilitation and management by providing: 
  • Project scoping - identifying goals, problem statement, roles and responsbilities Project planning - facilitating the process of refining goals, objectives, risks, opportunities, timelines, etc.
  • Project oversight - tracking next steps for deliverables and milestones as well as flagging dependencies and mitigating risks​
  • Project evaluation - tracking outcomes, costs, time, facilitating project step backs Project close out - delivering key project artifacts, recommended next steps and implementation support as needed


  • Partnerships bring together private companies, non-profits, academics and community to improve service delivery and public life. Working with industry partners, we recruit private sector professionals to volunteer their time to work alongside government employees on critical City issues. We seek organizations who are willing to offer talented designers, product managers, researchers, marketers, analysts, process improvers, and engineers pro bono with a passion for public service.

Who we partner with:

  • National organizations such as U.S. Digital Response and Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Large technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Expedia, Tableau, F5, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Zillow
  • Tech leaders like Flying Fish Ventures and Washington Technology Industry Association who keep a pulse on the latest tech talent
  • Start-ups such as Solv Health
  • Non-profits such as the Technology Access Fund and
  • Academic partners such as University of Washington, Seattle Central College, and General Assembly

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Innovation and Performance

Leah Tivoli, Director
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Seattle's Mayor is the head of the Executive department. The Mayor directs and controls all City offices and departments except where that authority is granted to another office by the City Charter.