Past Issues

Council's Balancing Package for the 2021 Budget
The Council puts together its version of the City budget after receiving a proposal from the Mayor in late September. Each Councilmember offers amendments, and the budget chair - Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda - puts together a draft budget, or balancing package, that reflects the Council's shared values and priorities.
COVID-19 Information and Resources
As the City of Seattle navigates the response to the coronavirus / COVID-19, the City has put together the following resource guide to help provide information and resources to the public.
Budget Process
This page aims to serve as a baseline of information for the public to understand the budget, and engage in the Council’s process.
Tiny House Villages
Councilmember Kshama Sawant is sponsoring a bill to expand access to Tiny House Villages throughout Seattle. This bill will allow Seattle to issue permits for from 0 to 40 villages, in any zone.
Impact Fees
The Council is considering an impact fee program which would help accommodate transportation, schools and other capacity needs as the city grows.
Clean Campaigns Act
Councilmember M. Lorena González is proposing legislation to protect our democracy from the corruption of big money and foreign influence.
2019 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
2019 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
Encouraging Backyard Cottages and Mother-in-Law Units
As the city faces an affordable housing crisis, the Council developed legislation to increase the housing supply by encouraging low-impact housing options that fit within the scale and character of Seattle's single-family neighborhoods.
2018 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
2018 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
SDOT Director Confirmation Process
SDOT Director Confirmation Process
Seattle City Light CEO Confirmation Process
Seattle City Light CEO Confirmation Process
Trees for All
Councilmember Johnson is proposing a framework that would create stronger stewardship of the trees we have, allow our canopy to keep pace with growth and greater density, and plant more trees in neighborhoods that lack them.
Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights
The Council is considering legislation to extend labor protections, the same safeguards that most other workers in Seattle already have, to domestic workers.
Police Chief Confirmation Process
Councilmember M. Lorena González will host the confirmation process for the appointment of Carmen Best as the next Seattle Police Department’s Chief of Police.
Progressive Tax on Business
To address homelessness, the Seattle City Council is considering a Progressive Tax on Business.
Progressive Revenue Taskforce on Housing and Homelessness
The Council has convened a taskforce to identify progressive sources of revenue to assist people who are homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless. The goal is to help such people obtain and retain stable housing.
Legal Defense for Immigrants & Refugees
The City of Seattle may create a legal defense fund for immigrants and refugees, providing representation for them in immigration court. This vastly increases their chances of being able to stay in the country.
Police Reform
View an infographic explaining the how the Council is building lasting, independent police reform in Seattle.
Secure Scheduling
This legislation would add stability and predictability to workers' schedules as well as their incomes.
Ending Conversion Therapy
The Council unanimously passed legislation to ban conversion therapy, or the attempt to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, for minors.
Community Police Commission Application
The city sought applications for the Community Police Commission.
Regulating Short Term Rentals
The Council seeks to balance the economic opportunity created by short term rentals with the need to maintain the availability of long-term rental housing.
Seattle Renters' Commission
The purpose of the Seattle Renters’ Commission is to advise the Mayor and City Council on issues and policies of importance to renters citywide.
Giving Drivers a Voice
Seattle City Council unanimously adopted legislation that will give eligible drivers at taxi, for-hire, and companies like Uber and Lyft a voice on the job and the opportunity to negotiate for improved working conditions.
Paid Parental and Family Leave
The City is considering legislation to expand paid parental leave and create a family leave benefit for City of Seattle employees.
Welcoming Cities Resolution
On Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 President Trump signed Executive Orders that directly impact our immigrant and refugee community. This resolution reaffirms the City’s commitment to stand by, support and protect our immigrant and refugee communities
Marijuana in Seattle
Learn more about marijuana in Seattle.
Strengthening Chinatown / the International District
Chinatown-International District, and the people, business and organizations that call it home, are a valued part of Seattle. The history, culture and community represented here are part of what makes Seattle a thriving city and our goal is to protect and strengthen the neighborhood.
Addressing Gun Safety Issues in Seattle
The Council unanimously passed two pieces of legislation to improve gun safety in Seattle. One establishes a gun violence tax on firearms and ammunition and the other to requires mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms.
North Seattle Police Precinct
The Council is considering the construction of a new North Precinct facility for the police to serve the north end of the city.
Creating Affordable Housing with a Linkage Fee
The Council has passed legislation to create more affordable housing throughout the city.
Oil Train Safety
Oil trains, which have resulted in death, injury, and substantial damage to property and the environment, regularly run through the heart of Seattle. The Council is doing everything in its power to ensure the safety of the city.
Sound Transit 3 Response
Read the recommendations from the City Council to the Sound Transit Board as to the content of the proposed ST3 ballot measure in November 2016.
Seattle City Light CEO Confirmation Process
The Seattle City Council has the responsibility to confirm or reject the nominee, Larry Weis - the former general manager of Austin Energy, chosen by the Mayor.
Office of Police Accountability
The Office of Police Accountability helps ensure the actions of SPD employees are constitutional and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws by investigating and making recommended findings regarding allegations of misconduct.
Building More Affordable Housing Using Surplus Public Land
The Council may repurpose surplus property for community-driven development of affordable housing.