Council Central Staff

Council Central Staff provides professional, nonpartisan policy and fiscal analysis to the Council and its individual members. The Central Staff team:

  • Provides objective research, analysis, and legislative options to achieve the Council’s policy objectives;
  • Supports the Chair of the Select Committee on Budget in managing the Council’s annual budget review processes, including the development of an initial and revised balancing package;
  • Analyzes the Mayor’s proposed budget and capital improvement program by identifying potential issues and options;
  • Drafts memoranda, legislation, amendments, and other budget actions that accomplish the Council’s intended objectives;
  • Facilitates and participates in meetings with and between Councilmembers and other branches of city government, as well as outside partners, stakeholders and lobbyists; and
  • Acts as the central hub for the exchange of information between the Council, legal counsel and executive branch staff.


Work Programs