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In September 2013, the City of Seattle adopted the Urban Forest Stewardship Plan.

The Urban Forest Stewardship Plan establishes four goals for Seattle's urban forest:

1. Create an ethic of stewardship about the urban forest among City staff, community organizations, businesses, and residents

2. Strive to replace and enhance specific urban forest functions and benefits when trees are lost, and achieve a net increase in the urban forest functions and related environmental, economic, and social benefits

3. Expand canopy cover to 30 percent by 2037

4. Increase health and longevity of the urban forest by removing invasive species and improving species and age diversity

In order to maximize the benfits of trees within Seattle, the City has engaged in an effort led by the Urban Forest Interdepartmental Team to update city-wide policies and regulations. This work has resulted not only in the update to the Urban Forest Management Plan but also in the update of the Street Tree Ordinance (led by the Seattle Department of Transportation) and an update of tree regulations governing private property (led by the Department of Planning and Development).

Schedule of presentations on the draft plan

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Seattle’s Urban Forest Management Plan provides a long term vision for increasing tree canopy cover (the percent of the city covered by trees as seen in an aerial view) and the myriad environmental, social, and economic benefits associated with trees in urban areas. The plan is implemented through actions ranging from tree care to tree give-aways. Follow the links to the left to explore what progress has been made on implementing the plan.

2007 Seattle Urban Forest Management Plan (pdf)

2010-2014 Implementation Strategy

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