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2018 Urban Forestry Management Plan Update

The City of Seattle is creating a new Urban Forest Management Plan. This plan will provide a framework for policy and action that will guide the City's work to maintain, preserve, enhance, and restore Seattle's urban forest.

We Want to Hear From You!

Our first step in developing a new Urban Forest Management Plan is to listen to your hopes for and experience with Seattle's urban forest. You can submit your input through this form until the end of October; we will then use your input to help craft the new plan's goals and actions.

Bản Cập Nhật Kế Hoạch Quản Lý Rừng Đô Thị năm 2018
Cusboonaysiinta Qorshaha Maamulidda Kaynta Magaalada 2018
2018 도시 산림 관리 계획 업데이트
Actualización del Plan de Administración del Bosque Urbano 2018

A draft plan will be available for public comment in 2019. If you would like us to contact you when the draft plan is ready for review, submit your contact information here.

Plan Development Timeline

July - December, 2018: Public engagement process
November - December, 2018: Assessment of current programs and policies
January - March, 2019: Drafting of plan goals, strategies, and actions
April - May, 2019: Draft plan technical review
June - August, 2019: Draft plan circulated for public comment
September - November, 2019: Final plan production
November, 2019: Submittal to Mayor's Office for approval
December, 2019 - March 2020: City Council adoption process

Public Engagement

The City of Seattle is reaching out to communities in different ways to gather public input prior to drafting the new Urban Forest Management Plan. Learn more about what we are doing with this background presentation.

The Urban Forest Management Plan update team is working to reach communities impacted by Seattle's trees but who have not historically been involved in the City's urban forestry work.

The City of Seattle is also engaging stakeholders through the listening sessions and briefings listed below.

Date Event Location / Time Open to public?
9/5/18 Urban Forestry Commission Listening Session
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Avenue
Room 2750

3-5 pm
9/14/18 Urban forestry government agencies listening session
9/14/18 Tree advocates listening session
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Avenue
Room 2750

11:30 am - 1:00 pm
9/19/18 Tree service providers
9/25/18 Urban forestry implementation partners
10/16/18 Freight Advisory Board
Seattle City Hall
Room L280

9:30 - 11:30 am


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