Protect Young Trees on Orca Recovery Day

Lincton Springs Neighborhood Volunteer Workparty 
10 am - 12 pm
Site: natural area at the intersection of N 8th St. and Meridian Ave N

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Roll up your sleeves and volunteer to support Seattle's urban forest! We will be removing the aggressive weeds that threaten young trees  growing on site. Volunteers planted native conifers here before the pandemic and we need your help to make sure they grow into healthy, mature trees. Large conifer and other trees help slow and clean stormwater which keeps our streams, creeks, and rivers healthy for salmon! Healthy salmon populations are essential to our orca pods!

Seattle Forest Week

Saturday, November 6- Saturday, November 13
Featuring Arbor Day and Green Seattle Day Tree Planting Parties on Saturdays
During the week: Tree Walks, Forest Bathing, Beach Walks, and more!

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