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Seattle International Sister City:
Kobe, Japan

Population: 1,411,000
Religion: Shinto,Buddhist
Language: Japanese
Industry: Machinery, Instruments, Textiles
Exports: Seafood
Climate: Temperate, cool winters and hot, humid summers

KOBE, Japan's seventh largest city , is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture on the main island of Honshu. As a port on the Inland Sea, it is one of the main gateways to Japan. Kobe's industries include steel, electrical machinery and instruments, transportation equipment, rubber goods and sake.

Kobe is a model for other Japanese cities, having preserved its historic homes, gardens, and temples while rapidly expanding its industrial base. Land reclamation has produced man-made islands in Kobe harbor that integrate commercial and residential activities.

Kobe is Seattle's oldest sister city. To commemorate the 30th anniversary in 1987, Mayor Charles Royer led a Seattle delegation of musical performers and presented a sea otter to the Kobe Aquarium. In turn, Kobe Mayor Miyazaki led a delegation to Seattle of 100 Kobe citizens with dancers and musicians. The Kobe Terrace Park in Seattle's International District has Japanese pine and cherry trees and a stone lantern, gifts from the people of Kobe.

In May 1988, the association helped sponsor a Seattle Aquarium exhibit of unique marine specimens from the Kobe Aquarium. There have been numerous student and teacher exchanges that have promoted mutual understanding and lasting friendships.

More information on the Japan-America Society of Washington.

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