Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Population: 188,000
Religion: Buddhist
Language: Khmer
Climate: Tropical

Sihanoukville, Cambodia's fourth largest city, located at the southwest region of Cambodia. Sihanoukville plays an important role as Cambodia's major seaport and principal coastal tourist resort. The city is growing faster and developing more rapidly than most other regions in the country. Because of the importance of exports to Cambodia's economy, Sihanoukville and its port are earmarked for further significant development.

Virtually all of Cambodia's waterborne trade passes through the Port of Sihanoukville which is the largest port in Cambodia. The Port offers general cargo and container berths as well as an oil terminal. The Port is currently undergoing an expansion project and has longer term plans to free trade zone. Trade with Cambodia is very important to the port of Seattle. In 2002 seagoing cargo trade between Cambodia and Port of Seattle was valued at $107.8 million, making Cambodia the Port's 18th largest trading partner.

Pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches, combined with a tropical climate and warm Gulf of Thailand, make Sihanoukville a haven for tourist. Amenities include scuba diving, snorkeling, and excursions to surrounding offshore islands. Nearby fishing villages offer insight into the local culture. At the public market, visitors can sample exotic fruits, vegetables, and various splendors of the sea. To further promote tourism, officials are exploring the possibility of ports of call by cruise ships. A golf course is under construction adjacent to a new beachfront resort complex.

The Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association is Seattle's 21st sister city. Through the organization, various members of the community have come together to promote trade and tourism between Seattle and Sihanoukville, increase cultural awareness and understanding among the citizens of Seattle and Sihanoukville, and establish educational and cultural exchange programs between the two cities.

The Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association is an active community-based organization. Its project have included: Raising funds to build a primary school in a village in Sihanoukville province; funding a library at a high school in Sihanoukville; coordinate a school pen pal exchange program, sponsor an educational forum on Cambodia, including trade and investment opportunities; host Cambodian representatives and facilitate meetings with local and state officials. Each year thAssociation holds a well-attended Cambodian New Year celebration in April as well as a summer picnic and holiday gatherings.


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