Perugia, Italy

Population: 351,000
Religion: Roman Catholic
Language: Italian
Industry: Tourism, Candy, Pottery, Glass, Funiture, Textiles
Exports: Chocolate, Food products
Climate: Temperate

PERUGIA is north of Rome in central Italy. It is the capital of the region of Umbria and the region's cultural and economic center.

As sister cities, Seattle and Perugia have much to offer each other, and the relationship will provide educational, cultural, commercial and personal exchanges of mutual benefit to both cities.

There are numerous opportunities for exchanges between Seattle's universities and Perugia's venerable Universita degli Studi di Perugia and the Italian University for Foreigners. As a city of art enthusiasts, Seattle gains much from its relationship with Perugia, which has a remarkable collection of paintings and sculpture and was the center of the great 15th-century Umbrian school of painting.

Perugia is also an agricultural trade center and has many commercial activities in common with Seattle, such as food and machine industries.

Current and proposed projects include a lecture series on life in Perugia, a sister-school relationship between University Prep Academy and a school in Perugia, an artists exchange, a program for young Seattle men and women to be apprenticed to artisans in the Perugia area (Valfabbrica), a cooperative visitor-housing program between Seattle and Perugia.

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