Mombasa, Kenya

Population: 941,101
Religion: Christianity, Islam, Traditional
Language: English, Swahili
Industry: Tourism, Petroleum Products, Food Processing, Brewing, Cement
Exports: Cement, Coffee, Tea, Cotton
Climate: Tropical

Mombasa is Kenya's second largest city. The Port of Mombasa is the largest and busiest international seaport on the East African coast. Its strategic location makes it a major port of call for most international shipping lines. Its hinterland includes Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Republic of Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, Somalia and Ethiopia. Mombasa was a strategic trading center for many centuries and has been ruled by Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, Turks, and finally the British until Kenya achieved independence in 1963.

The Seattle-Mombasa Sister City Association (SMSCA), established in1981, represents a diverse group that seeks to promote cultural and educational exchanges along with trade and tourism between the two cities. Our past activities have included sponsorship of African art exhibits, shipping of school supplies and ambulance to Mombasa. In 1988 Mayor Royer led a Seattle delegation to Mombasa. The association also has hosted mayors of Mombasa, Kenyan ambassadors, and other visiting dignitaries. The African Savanna Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo is dedicated to the SMSCA relationship.

Our current projects include the remodeling and expansion of the Utange Health Center to include a maternity and dental clinic to serve the rural area of Mombasa, funded by the African Urban Poverty Alleviation Grant Program (AUPAP), Sister Cities International. Also the Mombasa Sustainable Coconut Oil Making Project which helps to alleviate poverty by providing employment of local women in the making, marketing, and selling of coconut oil and coconut related products. This is a joint project between SMSCA, Children's International Health Relief, Palm International NGO, and the Tarumbeta Women's Group.
Seattle Mombasa Sister City Association Contact Info:

Dr. Robin Jones, President
Dental Village
4218 South Steel Street, Suite 220
Tacoma, WA  98409
Cell:(206) 353- 3215

Coconut oil order information email:

Pastor Charity Kamau, Secretary
Seattle - Mombasa Sister City Association
12039 - 76th Avenue South
Seattle, WA  98178
(206) 852-2024