Mazatlan, Mexico

Population: 380,000
Religion: Roman Catholic
Language: Spanish
Industry: Sawmills, Cotton mills, Foundries, Ropeworks
Exports: Cotton, Sugar, Shrimp, Tomatoes, Hardwoods
Climate: Dry, semi-arid

Mazatlán is Mexico's largest city facing the Pacific coast in the southern part of Sinaloa State. It is a major port and deep-sea fishing center and is being developed by the Mexican government as a major gateway to Pacific Rim trade.

Its superb beaches, warm weather and outdoor sports attractions make it a popular tourist destination. The Mazatlán Aquarium is the best in Mexico.

One of the major projects of the Seattle-Mazátlan Association is the "adoption" of three orphanages in Mazatlán. Fund-raising activities held throughout the year procure clothing, medicine, toys and food for the orphanages. A current goal is to provide vocational training for the older orphanage children to help prepare them for independent adult life, The association is currently recruiting volunteers and raising funds for this project.

The association also arranges homestays for exchange students and visiting scholars and participates in the Mazatlán Carnival each year, with a large delegation from Seattle including the Seafair Queen and Princesses and Seafair clowns. Their visiting counterparts from Mazatlán add an international flavor to the annual Seafair festivities held in Seattle.

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