Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Population: 1,400,000
Religion: Confucian, Buddhist, Taoist
Industry: Aluminum, Shipbuilding, Steel, Petrochemicals, Electronics
Exports: Rice, Sugar, Fruits, Cement, Petroleum products
Climate: Subtropical

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan's second largest city is a major industrial center located at the southwest tip of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the fourth largest container harbor and one of the world's top-ten general ports.

Kaohsiung is the cultural, recreational and tourist center for all of southern Taiwan and represents 5,000 years of classical Chinese culture. Many points of interest are located in and around this city. On the shores of Lotus Lake are the new Confucian Temple, the Spring and Autumn Pavilions, and the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. The Fokuang-Shan mountain is the major center for Buddhist studies. It is the largest shrine on Taiwan with the tallest statue towering 105 feet, surrounded by 480 life-size statues of Buddha.

Other historical sites in Kaohsiung are Wanshou (Longevity) Mountain, Jenai (Love) River, Hsitzu Cove, and the Kenting Tropical Botanical Park.

Kaohsiung is Seattle's 15th sister city and the first affiliation established in the 1990s decade. In 1991 Mayor Wu Den-yih visited Seattle and hosted a Seattle delegation to his city.

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