Galway, Ireland

Population: 62,000
Religion: predominantly Roman Catholic
Language: predominantly Irish, English
Industry: Computers, Refrigeration units, Medical instruments, Electric motors
Exports: Crystal, Wool, Agricultural products, Marble, China, Metals
Climate: moderately wet winters, cool summers

Galway City, population 62,000, is the third largest city in Ireland and is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe. The capital of the West of Ireland, it is a thriving city with a University, Regional Technical College, Shipping Port and Airport. Situated on the western seaboard, Galway City is next door to Ireland's largest Gaelic speaking area (Connemara) and across Galway Bay from the famous Aran Islands. In Medieval times Galway was a powerful City that traded in wine, spices, salt, animal products and fish, and key medieval landmarks today include the Spanish Arch, Lynch's Castle, Eyre Square, and Blake's Tower. Although it celebrated its quincenntenial (500 years as a Mayoral City) in 1984, it is also a very modern city with three of every four houses in Galway today being built in the last 40 years.

The Galway area holds many attractions for both Galwegians and visitors alike: its unique location on Galway Bay, its lively vibrant city center with traditional medieval streets, its extensive shopping and business facilities, its youthful population and its living culture of music, theater and language, all of which ensure its enduring appeal. That appeal attracted over 1 million tourists to Galway last year, with 35% of them from the US and many of them from the Seattle area.

Galway is also a University City that has a strong local economy with complementary business sectors including tourism, retail and distribution, education, healthcare, manufacturing industry, and services including financial, construction, cultural, and professional.

eattle and Galway formalized their Sister City relationship in 1986. To mark the relationship, a stone monument was unveiled in Galway in 1993 that carries on a bronze marker the geophysical data of Seattle. A companion monument carrying the geophysical data of Galway was unveiled in June 2000 on Seattle's waterfront at 2200 Alaskan Way opposite Pier 66. An annual student-exchange between the University of Washington and University College Galway, an annual Law Fellowship program, and other cultural exchanges have also been organized to mark the relationship. These and other activities strengthen the ties that bind Seattleites to Ireland, whether they are ties of birth, of ancestry or of interest.

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