Christchurch, New Zealand

Population: 287,000
Religion: Protestant, Roman Catholic
Language: English, Maori
Industry: Light Manufacturing, Carpets, Rubber, Software, Tourism
Exports: Wool, Meat and Dairy products, Wheat
Climate: Temperate and sunny

Christchurch, is New Zealand's third largest city and the largest city in the south island. It is located on a large plain with mountains to the west for skiing and a deep-water port to the east for commerce and water sports.

The area is largely agricultural, specializing in wood and dairy products. Ten percent of the port traffic from Christchurch is tied to the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

Christchurch became Seattle's seventh sister city in 1981. In July 1981, Christchurch Mayor Sir Hamish Hay paid his first of several visits to Seattle. The Seattle-Christchurch Sister City Association sponsors an ongoing faculty exchange between the University of Washington and Canterbury University, as well as high school teacher exchanges.

The association is currently involved in creating a New Zealand aviary in the Woodland Park Zoo and a forest glade of alpine trees and forest shrubs from New Zealand in the Arboretum, and restoring the Maori exhibit in the University of Washington's Burke Museum. The association has also supported NewZealand sports teams, choral groups, and performing arts groups visiting the Seattle area and similar Seattle groups touring in New Zealand.

Seattle Christchurch Sister City Association.

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Sister City Association Contact Info:
Rachel Jacobsen, President
7307 40th NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 527-1896