Request for Qualification (RFQ)

Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Family Support


The Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) is requesting plans from organizations and individuals seeking to provide Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Family Support services to elementary, middle and high schools receiving investments through the voter-approved Families and Education Levy (Levy).

The purpose of this Request for Qualification (RFQ) process is to identify individuals and organizations that meet DEEL standards for providing Levy-funded programs and services. Entities approved through the RFQ process are then eligible to partner with Levy-funded elementary, middle and high schools to deliver Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Family Support services to Levy focus students.

Please note:

  • No funding is awarded as part of the RFQ process, nor is there any guarantee of work to any entity that is successfully approved through this process.
  • Once approved, an individual or organization will remain approved for the duration of the current Levy (through 2019), as long as it continues to achieve Levy outcome and indicator results.
  • An individual or organization must submit a separate RFQ application for approval in other areas (see: Expanded Learning Opportunities, College and Career Readiness and Planning)
Application available: Available now
Application deadline: Rolling, please submit application when complete
Notification of decision: Within one month* of submitting application
*Note: Dates following the Application deadline are based on best estimates.
RFQ Application in Word: Download
RFQ Application in PDF: Download 
Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Click here
List of RFQ-approved organizations: Click here
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