Office of Economic Development

The latest:

  • Industrial Lands Economic Analysis RFQ: Our office is seeking qualifications to perform analysis on the current state of industrially zoned lands in the city of Seattle. The RFQ is intended for a consultant or team of consultants that are able to catalogue uses; quantify associated employment figures; characterize the state of infrastructure and its capacity; and catalogue environmental concerns and impacts on land-use. The City has compiled a list of over two dozen relevant studies that may be consulted as a reference, and further expects that the consultant team will work collaboratively with City departments to obtain data where available. Deadline is Oct 20, 2016 - view the RFQ.
  • The City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development (OED) releases Request for Applications for 2017 Only in Seattle Initiative.
  • Mayor Ed Murray shared the recommendations of his 15-member Commercial Affordability Advisory Committee and presented his plan for immediate action.
  • Mayor Ed Murray announced a stabilization fund for some business directly impacted by construction on 23rd Ave. Learn more here.
  • Mayor Ed Murray delivered his 2016 State of the City Address.
  • Seattle companies show up in force at CES 2016.
  • Workers and Employers: Find answers to your questions about Seattle's minimum wage ordinance and other worker protections in Seattle.


The Office of Economic Development (OED) works to maximize Seattle's potential as a thriving hub for businesses, jobs, robust neighborhoods and economic opportunity for everyone in our city.

We are committed to supporting a diverse economy which benefits the whole city by promoting access to economic opportunities for all of Seattle's communities.

Our business development efforts seek to create jobs and foster a diverse array of industry sectors. Our "Business Services Team" helps individual businesses get their projects done. Our community development programs are revitalizing Seattle's distinctive and diverse neighborhoods. Our workforce development initiatives meet the needs of low-income job seekers and employers.