Get Online and Technology Matching Fund (Digital Inclusion)

Generally, these two committees support closing the digital divide / broadband adoption programs and work most with the Department of Information Technology's Community Technology Program staff.

Get Online Committee: Guides and helps implement the Get Online broadband essential applications and awareness campaign, including options for low-income and disadvantaged residents. See more on the program.
Chair: Stacey Wedlake
Committee Members
Stacey Wedlake, Phillip Duggan, Nourisha Wells, Ben Krokower (Staff: Vicky Yuki)
Key Action Items for 2014: Launch 2 education campaigns, Jobs in the spring, and Education in the fall.

Technology Matching Fund grant program: Provides guidance and recommendations on funding for the city grants provides grants of up to $20,000  to support community based technology literacy and access, and electronic civic engagement projects. See more on the program.
Chair: Stacey Wedlake
Committee Members:
Stacey Wedlake (Chair), Ben Krokower,  Dana Lewis, Leah Altaras, Will Pugh, Joneil Custodio, Myranda Miller, (Staff: Delia Burke with Vicky Yuki  and David Keyes)
Key Action Items for 2014:  1) Assist in community workshops; 2) Review applications & make recommendations on funding; 3) Review and suggest changes for the 2015 cycle

Digital Inclusion & Tech Matching Fund Posts on the CTTAB Blog

Get Online Learning & the Web Committee Meeting 9/30 Meeting Agenda 24th Floor Seattle Municipal Tower or 206-615-1200 call in    Item 1: Learning & the Web – overview & housekeeping(15 min) Everyone have access to the docs on Google Drive? Timeline Brainstorming document Notes from last meeting Notes:   Ann, Sarah, Jon (phone), Nourisha, […]
Get Online Learning & the Web Committee Meeting Kick-off Meeting Agenda July 2, 2014 Attending: Sean McDonald, Jon Madamba, David Keyes, Vicky Yuki Item 1: GO Jobs & the Internet (20 min) Statistics What’s been done so far Ideas for enhancing the user experience (brainstorm) Notes: 2,750 users; 6,430 sessions; 6,873 page views; 2200 new […]
On February 17, 2014, CTTAB sent a letter to Wave Broadband inquiring about low income Internet access plans. Other Internet providers have low income plans that qualify subscribers and offer plans as low as $10 a month for Internet access. While restrictions apply, these plans do provide an option for Seattle residents. For a full […]