Get Online and Technology Matching Fund (Digital Inclusion)

Generally, these two committees support closing the digital divide / broadband adoption programs and work most with the Department of Information Technology's Community Technology Program staff.

Get Online Committee: Guides and helps implement the Get Online broadband essential applications and awareness campaign, including options for low-income and disadvantaged residents. See more on the program.
Chair: Stacey Wedlake
Committee Members
Stacey Wedlake, Phillip Duggan, Nourisha Wells, Ben Krokower (Staff: Vicky Yuki)
Key Action Items for 2014: Launch 2 education campaigns, Jobs in the spring, and Education in the fall.

Technology Matching Fund grant program: Provides guidance and recommendations on funding for the city grants provides grants of up to $20,000  to support community based technology literacy and access, and electronic civic engagement projects. See more on the program.
Chair: Stacey Wedlake
Committee Members:
Stacey Wedlake (Chair), Ben Krokower,  Dana Lewis, Leah Altaras, Will Pugh, Joneil Custodio, Myranda Miller, (Staff: Delia Burke with Vicky Yuki  and David Keyes)
Key Action Items for 2014:  1) Assist in community workshops; 2) Review applications & make recommendations on funding; 3) Review and suggest changes for the 2015 cycle

Digital Inclusion & Tech Matching Fund Posts on the CTTAB Blog

Get Online Learning & the Web Committee Meeting Kick-off Meeting Agenda July 2, 2014 Attending: Sean McDonald, Jon Madamba, David Keyes, Vicky Yuki Item 1: GO Jobs & the Internet (20 min) Statistics What’s been done so far Ideas for enhancing the user experience (brainstorm) Notes: 2,750 users; 6,430 sessions; 6,873 page views; 2200 new […]
On February 17, 2014, CTTAB sent a letter to Wave Broadband inquiring about low income Internet access plans. Other Internet providers have low income plans that qualify subscribers and offer plans as low as $10 a month for Internet access. While restrictions apply, these plans do provide an option for Seattle residents. For a full […]
April 8th meeting minutes.  Topics covered include: Public Comment, Interim Department of Information Technology Director, Comcast cable refranchising, Hacking events, Seattle Channel programs and diversity, and committee reports on broadband, tech matching fund grants, Get Online for jobs education, privacy, and public engagement, status of board positions. These resources were mentioned in the meeting: Hack […]