Technology Matching Fund

The Technology Matching Fund provides grants up to $20,000  for technology projects.  City's dollars are matched by the community's contribution of volunteer labor, materials, professional services, or cash.

Grant Goals

Technology Literacy and Access:

  • Empower technology underserved communities so that all residents have the technology skills necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services;
  • Increase technology literacy;
  • Increase access to computers, the Internet, and other information technology;
  • Increase the creation of relevant online content.

Civic Engagement:

  • Increase residents' use of information technology for civic engagement and community building;
  • Build awareness of Seattle government resources and increase electronic interaction with government via the internet, social media and/or mobile devices;
  • Engage diverse communities and individuals not usually involved in the civic process; and
  • Build the capacity of neighborhood and community organizations to engage residents using information and communications technology