cpc letter 


Feedback: SPD's Stops and Detentions Audit

April 9 - A letter to Police Chief Carmen Best praising SPD for its critical self-assessment of its own policies and practices in its audit on stops and detentions.


Proposed police contract's impacts on the police accountability system

Oct. 21 - A chart detailing the dozens of ways the proposed Seattle Police Officers' Guild Contract would in some way weaken the accountability system.

Response to 2018 Community Engagement Program Report

Aug. 14 - A letter to the Seattle Police Department providing feedback on the report.

Revisions to the Use of Force Policy and Stops Report

July 18 - A letter to the Seattle Police Department providing feedback on revisions to the policy and the department's report on 2017 Stops and Detentions data.

Request to Council to postpone confirmation hearings of chief of police nominee

June 20 - A letter to Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell urging him to postpone confirmation hearings for any candidate nominated by the mayor until the CPC is able to provide the Council with it's evaluation of potential problems with the process. 

Request for Chief of Police Search Records

May 27 - The CPC's request to the mayor for records relating to the Chief of Police search and selection process. 

Final joint inquest recommendations

March 2 - The CPC is among 15 organizations and seven individuals to join together to recommend nine changes to improve the inquest process. 

Call for the King County Council to vote in favor of Ordinance No. 2018-0028.2

Jan. 29 - The CPC urges the council to vote in favor of an ordinance that would provide families of those who are killed by police with legal counsel during the inquest process. 


Welcome to Mayor Jenny Durkan

Dec. 14 - The CPC congratulates Mayor Durkan on her election victory and brings five issues of concern to her attention. 

Cynthia Whitlatch settlement letter to city partners

Dec. 14 - The CPC reccommends five ways Mayor Jenny Durkan can improve the disciplinary system moving forward. 

Supplemental brief regarding full and effective compliance

Dec. 8 - The CPC's brief to the Federal Court about how the Force Review Board's (FRB) conclusions into the police shooting death of Charleena Lyles should affect the Consent Decree.

Response to Secondary Employment Report 

Nov. 27 - A letter to Mayor-Elect Durkan from the CPC, City Auditor, Ethics and Elections Director and former OPA Auditor detailing concerns about the secondary employment report released by SPD on November 20. 

Response to Secondary Employment Report - Checklist for Criteria 

Nov. 27 - A checklist for criteria set forth in October 18 letter regarding SPD Secondary Employment Proposal

Letter to City Council Regarding SPMA Contract

Nov. 14 - The CPC writes the City Council pointing our areas in which the Seattle Police Management Association contract departs from the police accountability ordinance and immediately urges the council to add the accountability partners as advisers to the Labor Relations Policy Committee. 

Secondary employment criteria

Oct. 18 - A letter from the CPC to Mayor Tim Burgess on his executive order reforming secondary employment at the Seattle Police Department.

Attachment A - Letter to Judge Robart regarding city's motion to declare it in full and effective compliance

Oct. 13 - The CPC's letter to Federal Judge James Robart saying it agrees with the monitors assessment that the city has achieved full and effective compliance with the Consent Decree and now must demonstrate sustained compliance.

Response to city's motion to declare it in full and effective compliance

Oct. 13 - A letter by the CPC to the court in response to the city's motion to declare it in full and effective compliance. 

CPC asks city council members to fully staff the Community Police Commission

Sept. 29 - A call to action for community members to urge the council to fully staff the CPC after Mayor Tim Burgess' proposed budget failed to do so.