2014 Proposed Budget

McGinn's 2014 Proposed Budget Prioritizes Public Safety, Human Services, and Transportation


Seattle is experiencing a much higher rate of job growth than the rest of the state and the rest of the nation.

Rainy Day Fund

With the 2014 Proposed Budget, the City’s rainy day fund has been refilled not only to its pre-recession level, but to its highest level ever.


Funding for road maintenance has increased by 37% since 2010.

Human Services

Investing in human services builds a stronger city in which we include everyone in our prosperity, and meet the needs of all our residents.


The 2014 Proposed Budget invests more money to strengthen the vitality of Seattle’s neighborhoods.

Public Safety

Since 2012 funding has been added to hire 42 additional police officers, including 15 new officers in the 2014 Proposed Budget.