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Get your Vision Zero yard signs!

You’ve seen them pop up in traffic circles and planting strips in different neighborhoods, and now you can get your own. There are 5 different signs. You can pick up a bundle of 5 (bundle includes 1 of each sign) at the City’s Customer Service Centers in Ballard, the Central District, Lake City, Southeast, Southwest, and the University District. This map shows them all. Most are open Monday through Saturday, but be sure to check the website for specific hours. You may also want to call ahead to confirm they have the signs you want.

20 is plenty
Look out for each other
Keep kids safe
Stop for pedestrians
Slow down. Drive like you live here

2016 Distraction Campaign

Distracted driving is on the rise across the country. Here in Seattle, we've seen a nearly 300% increase in collisions involving inattention over the last 3 years. Much of this is due to more people using their cell phones/texting while driving. We all know we shouldn't be on social media or responding to a text while driving, but we do it anyway.  

We've developed a creative campaign, encouraging people to do whatever it takes to keep your phone out of reach while driving.

Can't reach it. Can't use it.

Check out our suite of materials we're pushing out via radio and a variety of online outlets (Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube):

Can't reach it, Can't use it - Bees version

Can't reach it, Can't use it - Cobra version

Can't reach it, Can't use it - Spider version

Can't reach it, Can't use it - Gator version

2016 Tiny PSAs

We're putting together a series of what we're calling 'Tiny PSAs' (public service announcements) to remind people of the rules of the road, highlight new safety projects, and spread the word about Vision Zero. Let us know if there's a topic you'd like us to cover. Here's our first one, explaining that every intersection, whether marked or not, is a crosswalk.

September 2015 public service announcements

With a grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and funding from AARP, we've put together a series of public service announcements that will air on TV, online, and over the radio through the month of September. We see more collisions in the fall (with the changing seasons - fewer hours of daylight, more rain), so we're getting the word out now to encourage safer behavior.


Radio ads

Online ads (animated gifs)


Other Materials

Vision Zero rack card

Vision Zero Rack Card

Vision Zero rack cards



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Vision Zero Logo

Vision Zero logo


Vision Zero Yard Sign

Vision Zero yard signs