During a widespread emergency, we will update this site and use various communication tools to keep you safe and informed about SPU’s services.

For life-threatening emergencies:

Call 911.

For emergencies that only affect your service or neighborhood:

Call the Emergency Line:
(206) 386-1800 (24 hours, 7 days per week)


  • Call for uncontrolled flooding.
  • If a pipe is broken and your house is flooding inside, first shut off the water, then call:
    • Turn your water off at your in-home shut-off valve.
    • Can’t locate or operate your valve? Check for a water shut-off valve at the water meter box located near the street.
  • Call if there isn’t a valve at the water meter or you can’t operate the valve.
  • Call if a water pipe appears broken in the street or sidewalk area.
  • Call if you notice a problem with your water quality, i.e., discoloration, taste, or odor issues.
  • Plan ahead if you think you may need sandbags. During fall and winter, SPU notifies customers where we have sandbags for residents in flood-prone areas to pick up.

Sewer Backups

  • Call if you see sewage surfacing in the street, from maintenance holes, or from any other sources.
  • If you are experiencing a sewer backup:
    • Stop using water.
    • If the backup stops, it is likely there is an issue with the private side sewer pipe, which is the responsibility of the resident/homeowner. Investigate further or contact a private plumber for assistance.

Pollution and Spills

Garbage, Recycling, Food and Yard