Extra Yard Waste

Effective April 1, 2018, $5.90 is charged for each extra bag, bundle, or can. The maximum weight allowed for each extra bag, bundle, or can is 60 pounds.

For any yard waste that does not fit in the cart supplied by the City, you can use:

  • A 32-gallon can with handles, purchased from a home or garden store. Label your can "yard waste," and fill it loosely, so it will empty easily.
  • Bundles, tied with fiber twine, up to 4 feet long by 2 feet in diameter. Do not use wire, nylon cording, or plastic banding.
  • Approved compostable bags can be purchased online or at stores (pdf).
  • Kraft paper bags, available at home and garden retailers.
  • Reusable yard waste bags, made of polyethylene. The bag stands open by itself, has snap-shut flaps, stores flat and is reusable and durable. Bags can be bought online from BagIt System or at local hardware or lawn and garden stores.