Food Waste Resources

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Request a presentation or education table

We love to partner with the community! Contact Veronica Fincher at (206) 233-2534 or if you would like a food waste prevention presentation for your Seattle classroom, faith-based organization, community group, or residents. Or if you would like us to staff an educational table at your event. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fill all requests, but we’ll do our best! We are only able to provide education services in Seattle.

Download materials

Tips to help you waste less food

Meal planning and shopping guide

Meal plan and shopping list template

Food storage guide

Freezer storage guide

Eat First label

Contact Veronica Fincher at (206) 233-2534 or to request free print materials to hand out to your Seattle clients, customers, residents, and community. Materials will be mailed or delivered to you.

We are only able to give out materials for use in Seattle. To request materials for King County residents who live outside of Seattle, visit King County’s web site.


Don’t Waste It! A Waste Free Urban Living Project

Watch a music video about wasting less food created as part of a food waste prevention community based project.

Love to Letter Food

Learn about the many ways we waste food and the impacts of that waste.
Video produced by the University of Minnesota.

The Extraordinary Life and Times of a Strawberry

Follow a strawberry from the farm to the fridge to understand what it takes to bring food to your home.
Video produced by the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Additional education opportunities

A great way to get motivated to reduce food waste is learning more about where our food comes from.

  • Solid Ground offers farm tours and hosts student field trips.
  • Tilth Alliance offers farm tours, farm camps, classroom education, and adult classes.