Facility Rental Details

The following questions and answers provide details about renting the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. Please contact the Center by phone at (206) 733-9421 or by email at crwprograms@seattle.gov for more information.

Questions and Answers

My group is a nonprofit or government organization. Do I get a discount?

There are discounts for 501(c)3 nonprofits and government groups. This discount only applies to events sponsored by your organization. To find out more about 501(c)3 and government options or to make a reservation, contact crwprograms@seattle.gov or call us at (206) 733-9421. You may also view the Government / 501c3 FAQ (pdf).

What is the Education Center?

The Education Center is a regional education facility, operated by the City of Seattle, connecting people to the source of their water. The Center's primary goal is education through programs, events, an exhibit hall, Heritage Library and sales area. Rentals are offered as a public service and to offset operating costs.

What rooms can I rent?

The main rental room is the Auditorium (65 - 80 people at tables). It has a kitchen and audio-visual equipment. The Learning Lab (30 people) is a classroom with movable tables and chairs. It can be divided in half and just one side rented. The smallest rental room is the Friends Meeting Room (8 - 10 people).

How many people can the Education Center accommodate?

The facility can accommodate 120 people maximum, regardless of the number of rooms rented. The maximum that can be seated in the Auditorium is 90 - 100 people without tables or 65 - 80 at tables.

How far in advance can I book the Education Center?

Booking is allowed one year in advance.

How quickly do rooms rent?

Weekends, July to October, are very popular and can be booked up by the middle of January.

When can I see the rooms?

Please email crwprograms@seattle.gov or call (206) 733-9421 to schedule a time to see the rooms. Viewings depend on availability of the space.

What hours can I rent?

Rentals can begin at 7:00 a.m. and can go no later than dusk. Check with staff for exact times. It will be no later than 9:30 p.m. You must be off the grounds at this time, as the gate to the parking area will be locked.

Are you open in the winter? How much snow do you get?

We are open during the winter. The elevation is 920 feet above sea level, so we do get more snow than Seattle, North Bend, or Issaquah. Much of the winter there is no snow, but there are times when it snows heavily. We make every effort to plow the parking lots and shovel sidewalks during rentals. The road leading to the Education Center climbs steeply, and has sharp curves and can be slick.

How much parking is available?

We strongly encourage carpooling. Parking availability varies; many people visit the Education Center and Rattlesnake Lake. There are approximately 60 spaces. During the operating hours of the Education Center, 12 marked spaces are reserved for visitors or program participants.

Who will set up the tables and chairs (inside & outside)?

You are responsible for setup and takedown. You must include this time in your rental. For weddings you are required to have 2 hours of setup and 2 hours of cleanup. You must include this time in your rental.

What are your catering rules? Can we provide our own food? Can we have a potluck?

You may have a potluck. You are responsible for all cleaning. Refrigerator space is limited. You may use any caterer. All caterers must have a current health certificate, business licenses and commercial liability insurance.

Are we required to use a specific caterer?

No. We do, however, have a list of caterers whom are experienced with the Education Center and the list can be provided to you upon request.

Why does my caterer have to sign the rental agreement?

The caterer needs to sign the agreement because they must be aware of the rules. This is to your benefit, because you are responsible for any damage or additional labor charges.

Is alcohol allowed at the Education Center?

Yes. Most events will require a licensed bartender (Class 12 Mixologist) serving all alcohol. Most caterers have a bartender on their staff. You may have a ceremonial toast of one 4-ounce serving per person without hiring a bartender.