SPU is upgrading and adding recycling capacity to Seattle's two solid waste transfer stations in North and South Seattle. Transfer stations are buildings where solid waste (garbage and recyclables) are temporarily stored and sorted. The waste is eventually transported by train to a landfill, hazardous waste facility, or recycling facility.

The work is part of the 2004 Solid Waste Facility Master Plan and the 2011 revision to the Solid Waste Management Plan. As part of its upgrade, SPU first constructed a new South Transfer Station, which opened in 2013. In 2016, we completed the rebuilding of the North Transfer Station. Now, the South Recycling Center Redevelopment project will add a new site just across the street to support solid waste collection services at the South Transfer Station.

This project is on part of the old South Park Landfill, which closed in 1966. Because the site is being redeveloped, the landfill must be closed under today’s regulations. The City of Seattle and a private developer are under an Agreed Order with the Washington Department of Ecology to do so. The area will have a new cover (“cap”) over the buried garbage, a system to control any landfill gas and a drainage system to reduce rainwater going into the ground. SPU will install these systems while also constructing the new facilities.