South Operations Center

What & Why

In 2017, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) purchased property at 4500 W Marginal Way SW for use as a new Drainage and Wastewater South Operations Center (SOC). SPU’s current facilities are no longer adequate to house essential field crews, vehicles, and equipment that clean and repair the City’s sewer and drainage systems, investigate waterway pollution, provide emergency response to storm events and natural disasters, and more. The new facility will allow SPU to continue providing efficient and equitable utility services for residents in West and South Seattle.

What’s happening now?

The project is currently in the pre-construction phase. Since the purchase of the property in 2017, SPU has taken the following steps:

  • SPU has spoken to nearby neighbors and community groups to build awareness of the new facility and ensure we are being responsive to community needs and expectations.
  • In partnership with the Office of Arts and Culture and representatives from the community, the Seattle Arts Commission has selected an artist to develop a vision for permanent public art to be displayed on-site.
  • In partnership with Pathfinder K-8 School, SPU has commissioned a student art project to develop temporary art that will be displayedon the site’s outer fence throughout construction.
  • SPU has begun using the site for interim operational activities, such as vehicle and materials storage to enable crews to coordinate operation of multiple SPU programs from one location.
  • SPUis in the process of acquiring the necessary permits for construction, anticipated to begin in 2019.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Project Documents tab for the most up-to-date information.

Project goals and benefits

SPU needs this new facility so we can continue to provide efficient and forward-looking utility services that keep Seattle the best place to live.