Our Partners

Business Owners and Managers

Business owners in Seattle may receive assistance with pollution controls via the Green Business Program. All Seattle businesses are required to implement best management practices to protect our waterways. Inspectors from Seattle Public Utilities assure businesses are complying with these regulations.

King County

Seattle’s sewer system is linked with King County’s. Virtually all of Seattle’s wastewater and stormwater is conveyed via the county’s large transmission pipelines to treatment facilities owned and operated by the county.

Seattle ratepayers are also King County ratepayers. About 40 percent of each property owner’s drainage and wastewater utility bill is designated for King County’s sewage-treatment costs.

King County facilities must also comply with the Clean Water Act standards, so it makes sense for the city and county to collaborate on projects that will benefit both systems and all ratepayers.

View a presentation about how Seattle and King County work together (pdf).

Regional Partnerships

Puget Sound Starts Here is a partnership of 57 cities and counties, including Seattle, dedicated to improving water quality in Puget Sound and our local lakes, rivers and streams. Seattle’s Protect Our Waters program is part of this regional partnership.

Downtown Skyline

Everyone can help improve the health of our creeks, lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound.