Pump Station 43 - Emergency Force Main Replacement

What & Why

In fall 2017, Seattle Public Utilities discovered that a sewer force main connected to Pump Station 43 in Ballard was damaged. The force main runs underneath the Shilshole Bay Waterway west of the Ballard Locks. SPU took immediate action to bypass the pipe and prevent and additional sewage from flowing into the waterway. After further investigation, crews found that the pipe was significantly cracked, with large holes and was badly corroded. Instead of attempting multiple, short-term spot repairs, SPU decided to replace the entire force main in order to provide reliable sewer service to residents well into the future and to better protect aquatic habitat and public health.

What’s happening now?

Phase 1 of the Pump Station 43 Emergency Force Main Replacement project is complete. The new sewer force main has been installed under the waterway and passed its pressure tests.

Phase 2 started in early July.

Phase 2 work includes installing two vaults in the right of way adjacent to Seaview Avenue Northwest, removing the temporary above-ground sewer bypass equipment from along the Burke-Gilman Trail, installing a new maintenance hole near 3500 W Commodore Way, connecting the new sewer pipe to the existing sewer system in West Commodore Way, and restoring landscaping and roadways.

Phase 2 anticipated impacts

· Detours of the Burke-Gilman Trail (approximately July - October)

· Entryways to the gravel right of way adjacent to Seaview Avenue Northwest to be temporarily closed

· West Commodore Way closure from mid-July to mid-August (street is closed from approximately 40th Ave W to 27th Ave W; local access within the closure area is allowed; Commodore Park parking lot remains open)

· Construction-related noise, dust and vibrations

Project goals and benefits

Once completed, the new sewer force main will provide reliable sewer service to the Ballard community and will help improve water quality and create healthier fish habitat in the waterway.