Measuring Success

Water quality and surface runoff volumes are monitored at some NDS sites.

SEA Street Hydrologic Monitoring Report (pdf)
From October of 2000 through September of 2003, the University of Washington’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering monitored the stormwater flow of the Street Edge Alternatives project (SEA Streets). The report found that the SEA Streets project:

  • Prevented 99 percent of the wet season runoff from flowing directly into Pipers Creek between 2000 and 2003.
  • Discharges much less runoff to Pipers Creek than a traditional system. A drainage system that adheres to City of Seattle conventions would have discharged almost 100 times more runoff to Pipers Creek as the SEA Streets system.
  • Prevents more runoff from flowing directly into Pipe’s Creek as time passes. As vegetation matures, more water is absorbed through the soil.

Monitoring reports