Sockeye Broodstock Spawned

Sockeye Salmon Female Broodstock Spawned_Med


The Cedar River Sockeye Salmon Hatchery at Landsburg, Washington, produces sockeye salmon for the Lake Washington system. Adults gathered to provide eggs and milt for the hatchery are called “broodstock.” Broodstock for this hatchery are collected at a weir on the Cedar River in Renton and at the Landsburg fish ladder. The weir is operated to minimize the risks to upstream migrating adult Chinook salmon. Over the years, the weir has become more efficient at gathering sockeye returning to the Cedar River to spawn. However, sockeye escapement to the basin has been variable and impacts the broodstock available for the hatchery. This graph shows the number of female sockeye salmon spawned each year at the hatchery. Female sockeye salmon in the Cedar River produce approximately 3,200 eggs each, on average.

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