Adaptive Management

Adaptive management process overview

Adaptive Management Process Overview

The Cedar River Sockeye Hatchery’s adaptive management program is designed to improve the understanding of hatchery and naturally spawning sockeye populations in the Cedar River. The Cedar River Sockeye Hatchery Adaptive Management Plan (pdf) identifies some key uncertainties associated with the hatchery and provides a framework for monitoring the hatchery operations and impacts.

Adaptive management is an approach for managing risks associated with uncertainty. Adaptive management includes a flexible framework for identification of key uncertainties and a monitoring plan to address the uncertainties. For the hatchery, this means regular evaluation of the effectiveness and consequences of the program and the ability to change practices if necessary.

Although the new hatchery was completed in 2011, monitoring and evaluation has already been occurring. See Hatchery Evaluation for reports and data from this program.

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