Frequently Asked Questions - School Field Programs

What field programs do you offer?

We offer two different school field programs: Seeing the Source and Land and Water. Both programs are 3.25 hours and have a focus on water and watersheds. Seeing the Source travels into the Cedar River Watershed while the Land & and Water program is at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. For more information, see the program descriptions. Our Watershed Exhibit Experience option is a self-led program for groups based at the Center’s indoor interactive exhibit hall and is not usually staff supported.

What time of the year do you offer Watershed school field programs?

Our spring season is mid-March to mid-June and our fall season is mid-September to mid-November. Watershed Exhibit Experience group visits are offered year-round.

What grade levels do you target?

Our programs are developed for fourth and fifth grade students. We generally recommend our Seeing the Source program, for fourth graders and Land and Water for fifth graders however both programs are suitable for both grades. Our Watershed Exhibit Experience visits are available to all grade levels.

I teach middle, Jr. or high school students, do you have programs for upper level students?

The Education Center’s Watershed Exhibit Experience is a great alternative for groups of all grade levels. For eighth grade and high school classes, our adult-oriented group Watershed tour is also an option. To submit a request to visit our exhibits or for a group Watershed tour go to our Programs & Tours page and select Group Visits.

I homeschool. Can we sign up for a field trip?

Yes, as long as the group meets our minimum and maximum size and is all 4th & 5th grade level students. Homeschools apply using the same lottery application process as all other schools. For mixed grade levels and smaller groups we offer our Watershed Exhibit Experience self-led exhibits visit. To submit a request go to our Programs & Tours page and select Group Visits.