Water Conservation Survey

The 2006 and 1999 studies are part of an ongoing effort by SPU and its wholesale customers (purveyors) to understand, track and address the needs of residential customers with regard to water conservation.

2006 Survey

The goals of the 2006 research were to:

  • Track trends over time by comparing 2006 data to similar data collected in 1999 and 2001
  • Create baseline measures for new topics of concern
  • Provide feedback on awareness and satisfaction with conservation services
  • Help guide conservation efforts in the future
  • Explore the relation of the effects of conservation program efforts on consumption (through an attribution/consumption analysis)

View 2006 Survey (pdf)

1999 Survey

The goals of the 1999 research were to:

  •  Identify and evaluate changes in perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of residential customers toward water conservation.
  •  Help guide effective programs to foster and achieve conservation among residential customers.

View 1999 Survey (pdf)