Tree Stories

Girl in tree

Celebrate Seattle's Arbor Week with Tree Stories! Everyone has a tree story - tell us yours today. We are also partnering with the Growing Old Podcast to envision a future Seattle where trees and people can grow old together - your story might include what that will take, what it could look like? Send your one to two paragraph story to

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Dreamtime in the Forest

Pat, West Seattle

It all began after graduating from college with a degree in forestry. I was following a dream to become a forest ranger. The next part of the dream came with a job offer from the US Forest Service. I worked as a timber cruiser and spent years in the forests of Oregon evaluating and selecting trees that would soon become lumber and other wood products. At some point I realized that trees had become commodities to me instead of the living wonders that they were and always have been. Soon after this realization I left my job and began a journey to understand and appreciate these amazing organisms and how vital they were in our world. I have now achieved another dream by working as a volunteer guide and leading people into Seattle's premium forest parks. I can share 30 years of experience living and working among these forest giants. My favorite park is West Seattle's Schmitz Preserve Park where you can see and experience what most of the Puget Sound area looked like 200 years ago. I bring people into this forest and allow them to absorb the beauty and grace at their own pace and in their own way. This is my vision I am thankful I had the opportunity to achieve another dream in another manner.    

White Center

Barbara, Greenwood

I've lived in Seattle most of my life have cherished memories of our home in what is now White Center. About 65 years ago, there were fewer houses in White Center than there are today. In my back yard, there was a native dogwood tree that was standing next to the swing set that my grandpa had made for my sister and me.  I would swing as high as I could. With my bare feet I would reach out my toes and grab the "berries" hanging from the mature dogwood. I can still imagine how those berries felt between my big toe and the second one, that was a thrill! We had woods in back of the house then. My next door neighbors had a huge maple tree with a friendly horizontal limb. We built ourselves a tree house on these lateral limbs. I would be daring and hang from my knees on one of those branches. We would practice our carpentry skills on that treehouse. We would also play in their abandoned chicken coop and bathe in the fish pond. Getting dirty then was part of the fun!