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Ballard to Downtown Transit Planning Study

Ballard to Downtown High Capacity Transit Planning Study

Final Update – June 2014

The project team hosted a final open house on December 5, 2013. Five corridor alternatives were presented for public review and comment. These corridors can be viewed here.  The Final Report is also available and can be viewed here.

Transit from Ballard to Downtown Seattle–Exploring the Possibilities

Map - click for largerSound Transit and SDOT are partnering to study transit improvements between Ballard and Downtown Seattle. Partnering increases our efficiency and helps conserve taxpayer dollars. Expected outcomes are:

  • Support implementation of the Seattle Transit Master Plan and study rapid streetcar alternatives.
  • Support regional discussions about long-range plans for future high capacity transit (HCT).

The study takes place from February 2013 to mid 2014 and includes many opportunities for public input and feedback. Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Identify project goals and objectives
  2. Identify possible alignments between Ballard and downtown Seattle
  3. Evaluate and refine potential HCT light rail and rapid streetcar alignments and station locations
  4. Develop general ridership and cost estimates
  5. Summarize and document findings
  6. Present the findings to Seattle City Council and Sound Transit Board for possible future action

Sign up to receive information about the Ballard to Downtown Corridor Study, including meeting announcements at or visit for more information.




Michael James, Project Manager at or (206) 386-4012.


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