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Signal Box Artwork

Decorate Neighborhood Traffic Signal Control Boxes

Photo by Rae AllenAdding art to traffic signal control boxes (signal boxes) showcases your neighborhood and business district’s identity and can discourage graffiti. Signal boxes can be decorated with paint, decals and vinyl wraps. Artists can be commissioned, photos added, or maps installed.

Here are the steps to proceed with a signal control box art project:

  1. Identify at least three signal boxes you are interested in
  2. Secure funding
  3. Hire an artist if necessary
  4. Review the artwork proposal and street use permit guidelines
  5. Submit an artwork proposal to SDOT and Arts
  6. Apply for a Street Use Public Space Permit
  7. Install art


Signal boxes are located at every signalized intersection.The SDOT Art Plan identifies signal boxes as an opportunity for incorporating artwork in the right-of-way. Use the sidebar links to learn how you, or your organization, can create community generated projects to place artwork on signal boxes.The links describe the process and requirements for proposing and designing artwork and applying for a Street Use Public Space Permit.

Our Partners

SDOT is working with the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Office of Economic Development and Department of Neighborhoods to help support local business districts, capture neighborhood spirit and add artwork in the public realm.

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