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Things to Know About the Permit Application Process

The online permitting site is primarily intended for use by individuals and businesses that have general knowledge of the permitting process. If at anytime you have questions about the process or the information being requested, please contact Street Use either by email at, phone at (206) 684-5253 or by visiting Street Use in person at 700 5th Avenue, Suite 2300 from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. More detailed information about the Street Use permitting process is available at the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual web site.

After you have submitted your application, a Street Use permit specialist will contact you by phone or e-mail within two business days to update you on your permit application status. Standard permits are typically issued within two business days but may require more time if information is missing. Some of the information submitted may require follow-up work by a Street Use permit specialist to determine if a Traffic Control Plan is needed or a field review is required.

You may be asked to clarify information that you submitted with your application or to provide additional information and documentation. If additional information is requested by Street Use, this may extend the permit approval process by up to 10 days.

If the type of permit you are applying for requires a Traffic Control Plan, proof of insurance or an Indemnity Agreement, please allow additional time for your permit to be issued.

Note: New required form - If your proposed project includes construction of a permanent structure in the public right-of-way for your own personal or for private use, you will be required to sign an acknowledgement confirming that you understand that your permit application may not be approved. Use this link to review the form. Examples of this type of encroachment include, but are not limited to these types of projects: walls; decks/patios; rockeries and fences.

If there is a restriction listed for the permit you are applying for (see list of use codes ) and you have a question regarding the restriction, please contact Street Use at (206) 684-5253.

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