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PARK(ing) Day

Applications are now closed – for hosts, please review the safety guidelines below. You can find additional information on the FAQ page.

Example Diagrams

Example #1: Site Plan - Top View

Site Plan - Top View

Example #2: Site Plan - Side View

Site Plan - Side View

MUST do:

  • Find the right location: 40 feet from a bus zone, 5 feet from a driveway or alley, follow parking restrictions (i.e. buses only 4-6 pm)
  • Contact a vender (search �traffic control rental Seattle�) to:
    • Arrange for �No Parking� easels to reserve all participating parking spaces and need to be placed 72 hours in advance (by Tuesday, September 12th at 9:00 am).
    • Rent at least seven 36� orange traffic cones/posts on arterials or five on residential streets
    • Indicate on your application if you would like to be considered to receive these items for free, if funds are available
  • Let neighbors around the park know that you are planning to participate by sending an email, delivering a flyer, or similar. A record of who you contacted is required for your application.
  • When designing your PARK:
    • Include a one-foot buffer next to the vehicle travel lane and adhere to height restrictions (see application)
    • Use ribbon, string, tape or something similar in between traffic cones/posts to designate the PARK space
  • Use ribbon, string, tape or something similar in between traffic cones/posts to designate the PARK space
  • Make it available and welcoming to the public

CAN do:

  • Only select the hours you want to participate � don�t stress if you aren�t up for playing outside ALL day!
  • Design your PARK to be funky and fun
  • Work with neighbors and friends on the design and activities
  • Include food, music, art displays, crafts, games
  • Use chalk or tape on the ground, just make sure it is removed after
  • Provide chairs and benches for seating
  • Use astroturf, sod (over a tarp), potted plants, rugs and/or carpets
  • Include a freestanding umbrella next to the curb
  • For ideas, check out our PARK(ing) Day Gallery to see great examples from previous years


  • Include items or activities that will be distracting to drivers (i.e. balloons, flashing lights, banners)
  • Create a PARK specifically for kids if it is on an arterial; residential streets are better suited
  • Block any portion of the sidewalk
  • Use canopies, freestanding tents, or loose materials (such as gravel or sand)
  • Amplify or play loud music, charcoal grills (propane OK with permit from Fire Dept.)
  • Advertise or sell merchandise; eating food from a nearby store is totally fine!

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