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PARK(ing) Day: Applicant FAQs

When is PARK(ing) Day 2017?

All over the world this event will be held on Friday, September 15th. PARKs can be installed for a portion or for all of the allowed time: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. This timeframe includes setup and clean up.

How do I participate in PARK(ing) Day?

You can partner with SDOT under a FREE street use permit to create a pop-up PARK. All the requirements and details about how to apply are explained in our application and below in the FAQs. Keep in mind in addition to the PARK(ing) Day application and outreach, you will need to reserve traffic cones/posts and no-parking signs (see below for more details).

Is funding available to help pay for my installation?

The City of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods provides up to $5,000 for PARK(ing) Day participants through the Neighborhood Matching Fund's Small Sparks program. Funding requests related to PARK(ing) Day are due August 4th.

Where can I create a PARK?

Pop-up PARKs must be located within the boundaries of existing on-street parking spot(s). They cannot be located within 40 feet of a bus zone or 5 feet from an alley or driveway. Non-arterial streets are preferred and require fewer traffic cones/posts. If your PARK is catered towards children, it may not be located on an arterial.

How large can my PARK be?

Photo: Jeanine AndersonPARKs range in size from one parking spot to a maximum of one block in length and may not cross through intersections. The maximum width is seven feet with a one-foot setback from the vehicle travel lane.

Are there restrictions on how tall items can be?

Any items over 3 feet in height must be placed within 4 feet of the curb and set back at least 20 feet from crosswalks and intersections.

Can I protect or enclose my installation?

Yes! In fact, you are required to place orange traffic posts or cones that are at least 36 inches tall along the edges of your PARK. If your PARK is located on an arterial you should use at least 7, if it is on a non-arterial, use at least 5. These are required to be connected by string, ribbon or something similar and should not be more than 8 feet apart. These will help to define the edges of your installation and provide separation from traffic.

Does SDOT provide orange traffic cones or posts and no parking signs?

At this time, SDOT cannot guarantee these items. If you would like your PARK to be considered to receive these items at no cost, please check the corresponding box on the application. These items are available for rent from private companies, just search rent traffic posts Seattle and/or rent no parking sign Seattle.

Are there time restrictions for PARK(ing) Day?

Yes, on-street parking spaces can only be used between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Friday, September 15. All set-up and tear-down must occur between these hours. If your PARK uses parking spaces that have restrictionssuch as no parking after 4:00 PMthen your PARK needs to follow these rules.

"Seattle Works" Chess Park

Who else is involved in PARK(ing) Day?  

SDOT partners with the Seattle Design Festival to plan PARK(ing) Day and engage businesses and residents in the program. Volunteers from the Seattle Design Festival may stop by your installation to take pictures and ask you a few questions about how the event is going. We'll use this information to help improve future PARK(ing) Day events.

How can I let people know what I'm doing?

Share your plans with family and friends and encourage them to create their own park or street improvement! During the event, show off your project with social media using #ParkingDaySEA.

Is my pop-up park considered a "parklet?"

No, but the park you create for PARK(ing) Day is a great way to test out an idea for a parklet. Parklets (and streateries) are mini-parks inspired by PARK(ing) Day pop-up parks. While PARK(ing) Day parks can only last for a couple days, parklets and streateries are designed as longer-term re-uses of a parking space. Check out Seattle's Parklet and Streatery Program website to learn more.


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