Funding Sources

If your project does not qualify for funding through SDOT Neighborhood Traffic Operations, there are other funding sources for you to consider. One of those is Your Voice, Your Choice, formerly called the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund (NPSF).

Your Voice, Your Choice can be used to fund neighborhood transportation projects that cost less than $90,000. The application window for this competitive process typically opens in November, but sometimes December. Community members can submit applications to the Department of Neighborhoods until February. Each Neighborhood District Council selects their highest priority projects, which are then analyzed by SDOT to determine feasibility and to estimate cost. Funding decisions are based on recommendations from each Neighborhood District Council, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and SDOT, with the final decisions made by the Mayor. Projects are constructed the following year.

Your Voice, Your Choice

Some traffic circles are also built through the Department of Neighborhood's Neighborhood Matching Fund. This program allows the City to match dollars raised by the community for a variety of projects. A traffic circle usually costs $20,000, so the community would need to raise $10,000. A formal cost estimate will be prepared for you before you apply for funding.

Neighborhood Matching Fund

If you and/or your neighbors want to completely renovate the landscaping in the traffic circle, there are funding opportunities for small projects through the Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund.

For any of these funding sources, we highly recommend that you work with SDOT staff as you develop your application.