NE 130th & NE 125th Mobility and Safety Project

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Updated December 12, 2023

What's Happening Now?

We are currently reviewing community feedback on our early design proposals and expect to share updated information in early 2024. Thank you to everyone who has emailed, called, or completed the online feedback form to share your thoughts! 

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Project Overview

Sound Transit is opening the NE 130th St Infill Station at NE 130th St near I-5 in 2026. The new station will bring an estimated 3,300-3,700 daily riders with 90% of them arriving by walking, biking, rolling, or transit. To provide better access to the new light rail station, we’re making improvements along NE 130th St, Roosevelt Way NE, and NE 125th St between 1st Ave NE and Lake City Way NE. These improvements will make it easier and more comfortable for people walking, biking, rolling, and taking transit.

Project Goals

  • Improve access and make it easier for people connecting to the new light rail station via NE 130th St, Roosevelt Way NE, and NE 125th St

  • Reduce serious injury and fatal crashes between vehicles and people walking, biking, and rolling

  • Make it safer and easier for people biking and driving to share the road

  • Improve bus frequency and reliability and support new service from King County Metro

  • Enhance the experience for people riding the bus

  • Incorporate community feedback into project design

Project improvements include:

  • Adding protected bike lanes throughout the project area, including a new shared use path for walking, biking, and rolling on the north side of NE 130th St

  • Adding new bus stops at 8th Ave NE and 10th Ave NE and upgrading selected existing bus stops to prepare for King County Metro’s planned new service

  • Installing bus lanes and other bus priority features to improve frequency and reliability

  • Updating street and intersection designs to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes

  • Updating street designs to minimize conflicts between vehicles and people biking

  • Crossing improvements such as leading pedestrian intervals to give people walking a head start, new signalized crossings, and restricting right turns on red

  • Sidewalk repairs and new accessible curb ramps in selected locations

SDOT is coordinating with Sound Transit and King County Metro to make these improvements and increase transit access in the area. In addition to the new light rail service, King County Metro is planning new bus service to support access to the NE 130th St Infill Station. We look forward to hearing from you about how this project can help you get safely to/from the new light station and around your neighborhood.  

Design Proposals 

The following design proposals are still under evaluation and are not final.

NE 130th St: 1st Ave NE to 3rd Ave NE (map)

  • Two-way shared use path on the north side for people walking, biking, and rolling

  • 1 general purpose travel lane in each direction

  • Two-way center left turn lane

  • Planting strip with street trees

NE 130th St I-5 overpass: 3rd Ave NE to 5th Ave NE (map)

  • Two-way shared use path on the north side for people walking, biking, and rolling

  • 1 bus only lane between the southbound I-5 on ramp and 5th Ave NE to serve the planned bus stop on the southwest corner of NE 130th St and 5th Ave NE

  • 1 eastbound general purpose lane

  • 2 westbound general purpose lanes

  • Planted median from 3rd Ave NE to southbound I-5 on ramp

  • No eastbound left turns from NE 130th St onto northbound 5th Ave NE to improve station access and traffic flow

Roosevelt Way NE: West of 8th Ave NE (map)

  • Two-way protected bike lane (transitions to one-way bike lanes east of 8th Ave NE)

  • 1 eastbound general purpose lane

  • 1 westbound general purpose lane

  • 1 two-way center left turn lane

Roosevelt Way NE: East of 8th Ave NE (map)

  • Transition to one-way protected bike lane on both sides of the street

  • 1 eastbound general purpose lane

  • 1 westbound general purpose lane

  • 1 two-way center left turn lane

NE 125th St: 10th Ave NE to Lake City Way NE (map)

  • Protected bike lanes on both sides of the street

  • 1 eastbound general purpose lane

  • 1 westbound general purpose lane

  • 1 two-way center left turn lane

Project Map

This project map shows the new light rail station and the streets where project elements will be built. The project area starts at NE 130th St and 1st Ave NE, heading southeast along Roosevelt Way NE, and then east along NE 125th St, ending approximately at Lake City Way NE. 


A graphic visualization of the timeline written out below

  1. Planning (2023): We are talking to community members and business owners to build on previous planning and community engagement work done in the area. Our work includes designing safety and accessibility improvements equitably and within available funding.

  2. Design (2024-2025): We will create and share project design proposals, ask for community feedback, and finalize project design.  

  3. Construction (2025-2026*): We will share more information about construction schedules, activities, and neighborhood impacts when we reach this stage.    

  4. Light rail service begins (2026): Sound Transit plans to open the NE 130th St Infill Station and begin service in 2026. Please visit Sound Transit’s website for current schedule and project information.

*Construction schedules are subject to change based on crew and material availability.

Project Background

The NE 130th St & NE 125th St Mobility and Safety Project is the result of multiple planning and community engagement processes. We heard from neighbors in Pinehurst, Lake City Way, and other surrounding neighborhoods about your priorities for improving safety and accessibility in your neighborhood. As a result of the NE 130th St & Shoreline South/NE 148th Stations: Multimodal Access Study published in 2020, we secured funding to move forward with this set of improvements that incorporate what we heard from the community.

Below is more information about the early planning efforts for this project.

NE 130th St & Shoreline South/NE 148th Stations: Multimodal Access Study: In 2020, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) worked with community members on a study of areas around two new light rail stations. The community identified key priorities for improvements, including:

  • Upgrade sidewalks, bike facilities, and street crossings in neighborhoods near the future light rail stations

  • Provide walking and biking connections along NE 130th St and NE 145th St

  • Improve the NE 130th St overpass for people walking and biking


The study came up with 18 ideas for projects for the two new light rail stations. Three of the ideas (#1, 15, and 17) are part of the NE 130th St & NE 125th St Mobility and Safety Project:

  • NE 130th St Overpass and Shared-Use Path (#1)

  • NE 125th St & Roosevelt Way NE Street Redesign (#15)

  • NE 125th St Transit & Crossing Improvements (#17)


130th and 145th Station Area Planning: In 2019, the Office of Planning & Community Development (OPCD) started planning for the 130th & 145th (now called the 148th) Light Rail Station areas. This process brought together community members, City of Seattle staff, and other public agencies to talk about the changes these new light rail stations will bring to the region. We heard from the community about the need for:

  • Improved safety for people walking and biking in the area

  • Improved connections to surrounding neighborhoods and light rail stations

  • Better east/west bus connections from adjacent neighborhoods to the light rail station

  • Bus stop upgrades for connecting routes to the light rail station

Nearby Projects

Project Materials


Funding for this project comes from the Seattle Transit Measure, Levy to Move Seattle, Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Regional Mobility Grant, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Puget Sound Regional Council, and Federal grants.


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