NE 95th St Sidewalk Project

Construction of the NE 95th St Sidewalk Project is now complete – Thanks for your patience during construction!

There are still a few minor tasks to complete in the project area so you may still see crews at the site in the next coming weeks. Some of this will include:

  • Finish sign installation and road striping
  • Landscaping including planting trees and seeding for grass in the planting strip
  • The final stairway will be poured and the handrails will be installed on NE 95th St.
  • A temporary utility pole on the south side of 95th St. will be removed and concrete will be added to complete a small section of the sidewalk.  The timeline of this portion of work is subject to the availability of utility crews.  The sidewalk will have a temporary pathway installed to ensure safe use of the sidewalk for pedestrians during this transition.


Contact the project team at or 206-684-4747.

Thanks for your patience while we improve walkability in northeast Seattle!  

Project Description

Northeast Seattle has a new sidewalk!  This project has:

  • added 1 block of new sidewalk on the south side of NE 95th St, between NE 32nd and 35th streets
  • built new sidewalk corners and curb ramps at the intersection of NE 95th St
  • made drainage improvements on the south side of NE 95th St, between NE 32nd and NE 35th streets
  • planted trees between the new sidewalk and the curb
  • preserved on-street parking on the south side of NE 95th St

NE 95th St is a 2-way arterial street bordering the Wedgwood and Meadowbrook neighborhoods and the immediate surrounding project area is residential. NE 95th St connects Lake City Way to Sand Point Way and to businesses and transit routes on NE 35th St. This sidewalk connects NE 95th St to the sidewalk on the southwest corner of NE 95th St and 35th Ave NE and sidewalks on 35th Ave NE.

Map of existing and new sidewalk


Sidewalks are the building blocks of our pedestrian network and we’re adding to this network, one block at a time. They create a safer, more accessible, and more comfortable environment for people walking. Sidewalks create a designated walking space, which helps improve safety and predictability for all travelers.


Date Action
2011 Community initiated need for sidewalk
Summer 2014 Early project design began
Fall 2014 Outreach to property owners
Winter 2015 Project put on hold to secure construction funding
Summer 2016 Final design
Winter 2017 Begin construction
Spring 2017 Complete construction


Levy to Move Seattle logoThis project is funded through SDOT’s Sidewalk Development Program, with funds from the Levy to Move Seattle. Approved by voter in 2015, the 9-year $930 million Levy to Move Seattle provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city, Learn more about the levy at


Sidewalks often mark the boundary between private property and the public right of way so building new sidewalk requires extensive coordination with adjacent properties. We’ve worked closely with property owners and residents who live alongside the south side of NE 95th St throughout the project’s design.

You can contact the project team with any questions using the information at the bottom of this page. If you would like to receive periodic email updates on this project, click this link to sign up.


Project factsheet