COVID-19 Parking

Updated: April 3, 2020

Temporary changes to Seattle Parking Management and Enforcement

The City of Seattle is adapting parking enforcement and parking rules to support our residents and businesses as we navigate the COVID-19 public health crisis and Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

The following will remain in effect until further notice, unless otherwise stated. 

Suspension of paid parking street parking and time limit enforcement

  • No payment will be required on streets with paid parking
  • Hourly time limits will not be enforced outside of Restricted Parking Zones (RPZ)
  • Loading zones up to 30-minutes, including new food pick-up zones, will continue to be enforced
  • All Signs that indicate no parking, including no parking during a specified time, will still be enforced
  • Special zones will still be in effect, including new zones for Hospital and Human Services staff as well as existing zones for freight, food trucks, charter buses, etc 
  • Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) time limits will be enforced so that people who live in RPZ neighborhoods can still find parking near their homes

Reinstating paid parking will be phased in after the stay home order is lifted. At that time, we will reinstate a minimum payment of $0.50 per hour in all paid areas for three weeks. We will then begin to adjust rates based on demand as customers return to business districts and need reliable access at the curb.    

72-Hour Parking Rule

The City will suspend enforcement of 72-hour rule, including recreational vehicles. 

Booting and Towing

  • The City will only limit towing to situations which create safety hazards, block access, or create other major issues.
  • The City will suspend booting of vehicles with unpaid parking tickets.

Temporary Restaurant Loading Zones

We are installing FREE temporary loading zone signs at restaurants to facilitate food pick-up.  Restaurants that want such signs can contact 206-684-ROAD or

 There are numerous locations where these have been installed. Also, more information can be found on our blog.

Parking Citations, Fines and Adjudication

Through the Seattle Municipal Court, the City is taking the following actions:

All in-person hearings for infractions (parking, traffic camera, moving violations, etc.) have been rescheduled for adjudication by mail. In-person infraction hearings will be resumed when court operations normalize. Seattle Youth Traffic Court hearings have been rescheduled for April.

The following actions have been taken related to ticket fines and fees:

  • Eliminated the $3.60 transaction fee for online payments
  • Suspended the late penalty for tickets that are not responded to within 15 days

Hospital Staff Parking Permit Program 

The hospital staff parking program gives healthcare and human services workers access to free on-street parking around hospitals, testing sites, and food distribution locations.

Initial installations have occurred near the following locations:

  • Compass Housing Alliance 
  • Downtown Emergency Service Center 
  • Downtown Public Health Center 
  • Harborview 
  • Harborview Clinic - Eastlake 
  • Harborview Clinic - Pioneer Square 
  • International Community Health Services 
  • Kaiser Permanente - Downtown 
  • Kaiser Permanente - Metropolitan Park East 
  • Kaiser Permanente - South Lake Union 
  • Neighborhood Care - Post Alley 
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance 
  • Seattle Children's 
  • Virginia Mason

We are working directly with representatives from these institutions to issue permits.

Other rules and enforcement not changing at this time

Seattle Police Department Parking Enforcement Officers will continue to enforce parking regulations needed to maintain safety and access for those who need to travel.  Regulations that will continue to be enforced include:

  • Time-limits in Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs)
  • Any parking in "no parking" or "no stopping or standing" areas
  • Parking in time specific "no parking" areas, (e.g. peak period restricted areas "no parking 6-9 am")
  • Any temporary "no parking" signs erected for construction or traffic management purposes 
  • Blocking of driveways, hydrants, alleys 
  • Parking in transit lanes or lanes otherwise designated for certain users  
  • Designated carpool parking 
  • Parking in "load zones", including shuttle bus zone parking, commercial vehicle load zones, passenger load zones, and curbside food pick up zones, etc 
  • Parking in special zones, including zones for freight, food trucks, charter buses, taxi, etc 

 We will continue to evaluate potential additional changes to parking regulations and enforcement with the Seattle Police Department.