Past Projects

The last three cycles of NSF projects were funded by the Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy.

Neighborhood Street Fund Program Projects (with Bridging the Gap Funding 2013-2015)

Greater Duwamish Georgetown Festival Street 12th Avenue S between S Vale & S Bailey Streets $1,130,000
Northwest Greenwood Avenue N Sidewalk Greenwood Avenue N between N 92nd and N 97th streets; N 104th to N 105th streets $1,070,000
Magnolia / Queen Anne Lake To Bay Loop - Harrison Street Improvements W Harrison Street and 1st Avenue W; W Harrison Street and 2nd Avenue W $500,000
Greater Duwamish W Duwamish Trail Extension 8th Avenue S. from S Portland Street to S Kenyon Street $575,000
Southeast Rainier Beach Pedestrian Enhancements Rainier Avenue S between Seward Park Avenue S and Ithaca Place S $515,000
Downtown Pioneer Square Accessibility The Pioneer Square Historic District--locations on Yesler Way and sidewalk on S Jackson Street $407,000
East 12th Avenue Improvements 12th Avenue & E Howell Street; 12th Avenue & E Olive Street $385,000
Lake Union Waterway 22 Sidewalk Western side of Stone Way N, south of N 34th Street and the south side of N Northlake Way at Waterway 22 $290,000
Central 19th Avenue & E Union Street Improvements 19th Avenue at E Union Street; 19th Avenue at E Pike Street $235,000
Ballard W Woodland Elem Improvements 5-way intersection at 3rd Avenue NW, NW 56th Street, and NW 55th Place $150,000
Southeast Columbia City Sidewalk Ponding Repairs Rainier Avenue S between S Hudson and S Dawson streets $128,000
Central Dearborn & Rainier Multi-Modal Safety Rainier Avenue S and S Dearborn Street $115,000
Total $5,500,000

NSF Projects Selected for Funding in 2010

Lake Union Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N Intersection Improvements and Trail Improvements Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N; Fairview Ave N to E Blaine St $500,000
Greater Duwamish S Orcas Street Sidewalk S Orcas St between Beacon Ave S and the 28th Ave S $383,000
Central Garfield Superblock Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 23rd Ave S between E Jefferson St and E Terrace St $45,000
Northwest N 143rd St Sidewalk N 143rd St between Palatine Ave N and Aurora Ave N $552,000
Downtown Maynard Ave S widened sidewalk Maynard Ave S between S Jackson St and S Dearborn St $361,000
Northeast Ravenna Ave NE Sidewalk Ravenna Ave NE between NE 85th St and Lake City Way NE $650,000
Ballard 13th Avenue NW Sidewalks 13th Ave NW between NW 90th St and Holman Road; NW 90th St from 13th Ave NW to 14th Ave NW $200,000
Delridge 25th Avenue SW from SW Brandon St to SW Juneau St 25th Ave SW between SW Brandon St and SW Juneau St $501,000
Southeast S Othello Street pedestrian and bicycle facilities S Othello St between Seward Park Ave S and the Chief Sealth Trail $675,000
Southwest California Ave SW crossing improvements California Ave SW at SW Holden, SW Othello, SW Frontenac and SW Findlay Sts $112,000
North 33rd Avenue NE New Sidewalk 33rd Avenue NE between NE 125th St and NE 130th St $699,000
Total $4,678,000

NSF Projects Selected for Funding in 2007

Greater Duwamish Lander Festival Street S Lander St between 16th Ave S and 17th Ave S $150,000
Southwest Alki Sidewalk Alki Ave SW between 65th Ave SW and Beach Drive SW $600,000
Delridge Delridge Sidewalk 30th Ave SW between SW Brandon St and SW Juneau St $590,000
North Sacajawea Elementary Sidewalk 20th Ave NE between NE 96th St and NE 98th St $350,000
Northwest Greenwood Sidewalk Fremont Ave N between N 87th St and N 90th St $610,000
Northeast Thorton Creek Sidewalk NE 77th St between 40th Ave NE and 43rd Ave NE $400,000
Lake Union Eastlake Sidewalk E Newton St between Franklin Ave E and Eastlake Ave E $190,000
Central Jackson Place Traffic Calming 18th Ave S between S King St and S Lane St $580,000
Lake Union Wallingford Sidewalk Repair N/NE 45th St between I-5 and Stone Way N $420,000
Magnolia / Queen Anne Queen Anne Pedestrian Improvements Queen Anne Ave N at W Galer St, W Crockett St, and W McGraw St $280,000
Ballard Ballard Sidewalk Repair Ballard Ave NW $220,000
Central Central District Pedestrian Improvements Martin Luther King Jr Way between E Alder St and E Jefferson St $250,000
East First Hill Pedestrian Improvements 8th Ave between Marion and Cherry St $300,000
Downtown Belltown Pedestrian Improvements 3rd Ave between Battery St and Virginia St $400,000
Southeast Columbia City Pedestrian Improvements Rainier Ave S between S Edmunds St and S Hudson St $400,000
Total $5,740,000