4th Ave S Paving Project

What's happening now?

January 9, 2018

The paving of 4th Ave S between S Royal Brougham Way and S Spokane St was completed in October, just ahead of the fall rains. (Construction started in mid-August.) Construction crews have a number of minor details, such as in the installation of some pedestrian push buttons, yet to complete, but are essentially done. (Permanent lane striping will most likely have to wait until spring 2018, when it is again dry.)

Construction overview

Construction for the whole project will last 6 months, but the duration of work in front of a given property or block segment will be about 2 months.

We've divided the project area into 3 work zones and crews plan to finish major construction in one zone before moving to the next:

  • Zone A:  S Royal Brougham Way to S Walker St
  • Zone B:  S Walker St to S Forest St
  • Zone C:  S Forest St to S Spokane St

Project overview

4th Ave S is a major north/south arterial in SODO, carrying some 35,000 vehicles per day, many of them trucks and it's classified as a major truck street. The street is primarily lined with businesses, along with government offices and maintenance yards. 

We are repaving 4th Ave S between S Royal Brougham Way and S Spokane St in 2017.

Repaving 4th Ave S between S Royal Brougham Way and S Spokane St in 2017 project map
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Before repaving the street, a 2-inch deep layer of the existing asphalt will be ground off. Crews will then evaluate the underlying base asphalt and identify areas where full depth reconstruction is warranted.

The curb lanes on both sides of the street will be reconstructed with a full depth asphalt section, to better withstand the weight of heavy buses and trucks. Once the full depth repairs have been made, the street itself will be repaved.

The project will also:

  • Replace curb ramps at some intersections to bring them into compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Replace traffic detection loops in the pavement
  • Install drainage systems at select locations
  • Replaced buckled sidewalks in select locations

Construction overview

Crews will generally work south to north in the project corridor. 4th Ave S will remain open to traffic through construction, although you can expect intermittent lane closures around the work zones. Typically, crews will maintain 2 lanes of traffic in each direction.

Normal work hours are Monday through Friday, 7 AM – 4 PM. Night and weekend work is also expected and will be communicated in advance.

Access to driveways and businesses will be maintained, though some on-street parking may be temporarily removed around the work zone. Sidewalks will also remain accessible, although corners with new curb ramps may be closed for installation. In such cases, signed detours will direct those walking.

SDOT is working closely with King County Metro so buses continue to operate during construction, although individual bus stops will be temporarily closed or moved. For information on changes to Metro stops, please visit http://kingcounty.gov/metro/alerts.


Construction began on August 17,2017 and is expected to take approximately 6 months to complete. We will update this page as construction progresses.


The project has a design Budget of $882,000 and construction budget of $14,850,000. It is being funded by a $1,550,000 Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board Grant and the Move Seattle Levy, approved by voters in 2015.


Other SDOT projects in the area

Lander St Bridge Project - S Lander St between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S that carries over 13,000 vehicles per day, as well as some 1,400 pedestrians, and 100 bicyclists.  However, some 100 trains per day block this traffic, closing the street 4 and a half hours each day. To address this problem, SDOT will build a bridge on S Lander between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S. Construction is expected to begin in early 2018 and take approximately 2 years to complete. Visit the project website here or contact the project team at lander_bridge@seattle.gov or (206)684-0178.

Updated: 1/9/2018