Growing the network

Project Overview

The City of Seattle has a goal of building 250 miles of connected neighborhood greenways. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, and neighbors. We make people walking and biking the priority. Neighborhood greenways can include:

  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • speed humps to calm traffic
  • stop signs for side streets crossing the neighborhood greenway
  • signs and pavement markings to help people find their way
  • easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks, flashing beacons, or traffic signals

Neighborhood greenways are a combination of small improvements that make residential streets safer and calmer for people of all ages and abilities. They lay the foundation for great community building opportunities like adding lending libraries, hosting work parties to keep sidewalks walkable and painting intersection murals. This web page shares SDOT's 2014 work plan and our process for delivering neighborhood greenways. Schedules and projects are subject to change. Stay tuned for an updated map that shares all the neighborhood greenways we've already done, those currently in progress, and the near-term plan to create a network.

Neightborhood Greeenways 2016 Workplan

PhaseNo.Project NameStreetFromToLength (mi)
Existing 1A Wedgwood 39th Ave NE NE 52nd St NE 80th St 1.4
2 PhinnyWood Fremont Ave N N 77th St N 110th St 1.4
3 Ballard NW 58th St Seaview Ave NW 4th Ave NW 2.1
4 Wallingford NE 44th St / NE 43rd St Stone Way N Latona Ave NE 0.9
5 Beacon Hill 18th Ave S / Lafayette Ave S / 12th Ave S Mountains to Sound Trl S Lucille St 3.3
6 Delridge 26th Ave SW SW Andover St SW Graham St 1.3
7 Olympic Hills 25th Ave NE NE 125th St NE 145th St 1.3
8 U-District 12th Ave NE NE Campus Pkwy NE Ravenna Blvd 1.1
9 Madison Park 37th Ave E / E Garfield St E Madison St E Madison St 0.4
10 Jackson Place S Dearborn St / Hiawatha Pl S Rainer Ave S S Norman St 0.4
11 Ballard 17th Ave NW Ballard Way NW 90th St 2.2
12 Central Area (Phases 1 - 3) 21st Ave E E Roanoke St Rainier Ave S 5.0
13 Rainier Valley S Myrtle St 37th Ave S Seward Park Ave S 0.9
14 Delridge 21st Ave SW / 17th Ave SW / 15th Ave SW Delridge Way SW SW Cambridge St 4.0
Total 25.7
15 Central Area E-W E Columbia St Broadway 29th Ave E 1.2
1B Wedgwood 38th Ave NE / NE 89th St NE 80th St 32nd Ave NE 0.8
Total 2.0
16 Rainier Valley 28th Ave S / S Ferdinand St / 46th Ave S S Mt. Baker Blvd S Henderson St 6.2
17 Ballard Greenway Connection NW 53rd St / 11th Ave NW 17th Ave NW Burke Gilman Trail 0.7
18 International District S King St / 7th Ave (NS Connection to Dearborn) 5th Ave S 20th Ave S 1.2
Total 8.1
Build 2018 19 Crown Hill N 90th / N 92nd St 17th Ave NW Wallingford Ave N 1.9
20 First Hill University St / Union St / Terry St Broadway 9th Ave / Spruce St 1.2
21 East Lake Fairview Ave E University Bridge Fairview Bridge 1.7
22 Beacon Hill / Mt Baker S Snoqualmie / Cheasty Blvd S / S Walden 13th Ave S 34th Ave S 1.9
23 Capitol Hill E Denny Way Broadway 21st Ave E 0.8
Total 7.4
Build 2019 24 West Seattle 34th Ave SW SW Roxbury St 26th Ave SW 3.0
25 Columbia City S Dawson / 32nd S / S Hudson / 31st S / S Ferdinand Beacon Ave S Rainier Ave S 1.2
26 Madrona 24th Ave E and 27th Ave E E Union St E Thomas St 1.2
27 Ballard NW 83rd St / NW 77th St Loyal Way NW Aurora Ave N 2.5
28 West Seattle PBL Connection SW Myrtle St 18th Ave SW 12th Ave SW 0.4
Total 8.3
Build 2020 29 Central Ridge 16th Ave / 18th Ave / 20th Pl S E Prospect St S Judkins St 3.1
30 Rainier Valley S Holly Park Dr / 39th Ave S S Myrtle Pl S Kenyon St 0.6
31 Ballard 6th Ave NW Burke Gilman N 92nd St 2.7
32 Hilman City S Morgan St Swift Ave S 46th Ave S 1.6
Total 7.9

The multi-year work plan will continue to evolve as we know more about projects and resources.


Majority of these projects will be funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more about the levy at LevytoMoveSeattle.


We are committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions. Summer Jawson, Neighborhood Greenway Program Manager | (206) 684-8264