People Street Permits

Apply to host a People Street!

Want to host a people street in your neighborhood? Interested communities must submit the required application no later than March 2, 2018 to Before submitting your application, please read our Seattle People Street FAQ and lessons learned from Pike People Street 2015-2017 documents.

Selection process

SDOT is looking for communities who have the organizational capacity to lead a people street program of their own, and will use a competitive selection process to select up to 3 different communities, to host up to 10 people street closures in total for 2018. Applicants will be notified of the decision by March 16, 2018.

Required application information

  • People street program application
  • Program proposal. Include all required elements (program description, work plan, event management, outreach, promotion - see below) as an attachment.
  • Site plan. Provide a site plan that includes the footprint of the proposed people street, location of program elements (including closure barricades, community information kiosk, etc.), and identifies all businesses located within the closure footprint. Also note any food service businesses who are interested in hosting a temporary outdoor cafe during the people street.

Your 2018 People Street application must describe the following:

  1. Program Description

    Provide a detailed description of your community and why it is a good fit for the people street program. Describe existing community events or activities, key community organizations and businesses, and include a list of prospective program partners. We want to understand the context of the proposed people street program, the major stakeholders in your community, and existing community efforts that you will leverage to make this a successful program.

  2. Work Plan

    How will it work? Include in your application a program work plan that describes how your proposed people street program will function. The work plan should include a description of what will be done, who will be doing it, and when it will happen. Give details on staff, including a list of program partners and responsibilities, a program timeline including proposed closure dates and times, and any events or activities that would be coordinated along with the people street program. You may propose dates between July 1 - August 31, 2018.

  3. Event Management

    What is your organizational capacity to lead this program? Indicate how many people and who will staff the events, who will coordinate event programming and their methods, and any experience managing events within your community.

  4. Outreach

    Does the community support your proposal? Provide a brief summary of your community outreach plan, including a list and brief description of the outreach methods used and dates associated with each method. Also describe how you will continue to reach out during the course of the program. You will need to submit documentation to demonstrate that you carried out your community outreach plan. See the Seattle People Street FAQ for more details.

  5. Promotion

    Describe how you will develop a schedule of activities to use the street space and draw visitors to your people street. Consider any existing efforts in your community that can be leveraged for the people street event.