Cable and Internet Rates

Under federal law the City is prevented from regulating cable television or Internet service rates. The below links provide the most recent rates for selected cable television and Internet services. Franchise fees, taxes and other fees may apply, but are not reflected in these rates.

*Always be sure to read the notes and fine print to see what other fees may apply to certain service choices.


*Please note that as of February 1st 2020, Comcast increased its fees/prices for certain video services, including the Broadcast TV and Regional Sports Network Fee. Please click here for more information.

Wave Broadband

*Please note that as of December 1st 2020, Wave will be increasing its fees/prices for the following services and equipment:

    • Local Broadcast tier of service will increase by $2.00/month
    • Local TV Stations' fee will increase by $2.62/month
    • Expanded Content channel tier (Basic Cable) will increase by $3.09/month
    • TV equipment rental fee will increase by $1.99/month
    • Cable modem rental fee will increase by $2.00/month
    • Internet Infrastructure fee will increase by $1.20/month